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Ernst & Young CRO Survey Highlights Expanding Authority, Top Challenges for 2014

Ernst & Young has released its new 2014 insurance CRO survey, “Increasing authority and higher organizational profiles,” highlighting top trends and challenges reported by chief risk officers and senior risk executives from more than 20 top American insurance companies. Top themes in this year’s results were the expansion of CRO authority, the challenge of managing [...]

Lessons Learned from Winter’s Wrath

What a winter. As the “polar vortex” pushed cold weather from the arctic all the way to the deep south in the United States, severe snow storms and frigid temperature cost the American economy billions. While there have been obvious physical losses, such as roof collapses and endless potholes to repair, three less evident balance [...]

Ensuring Food Safety with Monte Carlo Simulation

If you have ever purchased a hot dog from a street vendor, you have probably wondered (most likely after the first bite), “Is this going to make me sick?” But thanks to a number of new advances, from genome sequencing to data analysis of supply chains, food safety agencies around the world are developing more [...]

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